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Sometimes even the most effective and diligent oral hygiene routine just isn’t sufficient to keep a cavity from forming on one of your teeth. Your regular dental checkup with a dentist at IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is designed to detect any cavities, so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Should you notice a problem area on one of your teeth, such as a change in texture, a sharp edge or increased sensitivity, you should contact our IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry’s dentist as soon as possible. Caught early, Dr. Indra Quagliata can often repair a modest-size cavity with a basic filling.

Dr. Indra Quagliata will start by conducting a thorough examination of the tooth in question, to determine the extent of the decay. If too much enamel has been compromised, she might recommend restoring the tooth with a crown.

Once the tooth and gums have been numbed, Dr. Indra Quagliata will use a drill to remove any areas of decayed enamel. Then she will recommend the best material for the filling. At our practice, we offer tooth-colored fillings for your natural looking smile and your health these are amalgam fillings and composite fillings.

The process for placing a filling requires just one comfortable visit to our office. Dr. Indra Quagliata will first remove the decayed and damaged portion of your tooth, and then clean the tooth to remove all traces of decay. Dr. Indra Quagliata will then fill the tooth with the filling material and shape it to match your tooth’s shape and harden the filling for a lasting restoration.

If you suspect one of your teeth has developed a cavity, please call IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry’s office in Rochester, New York at 585-475-0140 to seek timely treatment and prevent further complications. Dr. Indra Quagliata and our team are always happy to help you restore and maintain your healthy smile!