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For many people, the end of the year is often the most wonderful time of year. However, with all the blessings and joys that come our way, so too can numerous risks and hazards that can damage your smile. Cavities are often extremely common this time of year, considering the risks for excessive sugar consumption and other substances that are known to cause tooth enamel erosion. Practice cavity prevention techniques to protect your smile.

If you would like to easily protect your smile against cavities, visit your dentist for an oral health care procedure such as dental sealants. Studies have shown that a single application of dental sealants applied to teeth that are highly vulnerable to cavities, can help protect the teeth from the dangers of tooth decay by as much as 80%.

There are numerous things you can do without the help of a dentist to keep your smile safe. This includes eating healthy and nutritious foods that are low in sugar and acidity. In addition, avoid products that can easily damage your tooth enamel, such a sticky or excessively chewy that linger on your teeth long after consumption. Don’t forget to brush your teeth every day and make sure to rinse out your mouth after meals to eliminate bad bacteria.

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