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If you need a tooth replacement, visit your dentist for an oral health examination to determine which tooth restoration options are best for you. For instance, one highly effective tooth replacement system is dentures.  They can be crafted for as little as one tooth as partial dentures or can be used to replace entire rows of teeth as complete dentures do. No matter what your oral health care needs are, your dentist will be able to assist you in ensuring your smile can thrive for many years to come.

If you allow missing teeth to continue unabated, hindrances and impediments to your speech and eating skills can occur. Furthermore, various dental damage and hindrances to your oral health including gum destabilization, tooth slippage, a weakened jawbone, and a sunken in facial structure can begin to manifest. Thus, it is always a good idea to prevent these causes of dental damage by having a denture restoration applied.

Optimum care is essential for proper denture function. This includes making sure they are cleaned on a daily basis to prevent contamination from occurring. Ideally, you should soak them in an approved denture cleaning solution overnight. Before inserting them back into your mouth, make sure your mouth is clean, and the dentures are rinsed off with plain water. In addition, they are extremely fragile, so handle with care. Be aware that abrasive products such as hot water can damage them. Also, never set them out on a table or anywhere else where they can potentially dry out and crack. If you should have any issues with your dentures, bring them to your dentist for repairs.

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