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You probably understand that there are many different things you’ll need to do if you’re interested in enjoying a beautiful, healthy smile. For example, you might have heard that you’ll need to brush and floss your smile if you’d like to avoid tooth decay. Still, did you know that a cavity might actually weaken your tooth’s enamel, leaving you more vulnerable to several serious issues? Unfortunately, a number of things could weaken your enamel but there steps you can take to keep your enamel strong.

Again, brushing your teeth is important, but have you heard that brushing right after eating will actually damage your enamel? You see, eating can actually soften your teeth’s enamel. In reality, if you brush while your enamel is soft, you’ll harm your pearly whites. However, if you wait at least thirty minutes, your enamel will become hard again, making it safe to brush. If you’re interested in protecting your teeth while your enamel is hardening, you could drink water—which will remove acids from your mouth.

Sadly, illnesses might also cause damage your smile. Unfortunately, having yellow stained teeth can be another sign that your teeth’s enamel is weakening. Rounded teeth, or teeth that look transparent, may also be a symptom of soft enamel. If you have any of these signs or symptoms, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us.

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