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The mineral density of your tooth enamel plays an important role in preventing cavities, while also giving your teeth the strength to bite off and efficiently process the foods you eat for safe swallowing. Sometimes even the most diligent and consistent oral hygiene routine simply isn’t sufficient for preventing mild demineralization from occurring with your tooth enamel.

This is more likely to be an issue if you frequently enjoy acidic beverages, or you live in a rural location without daily access to fluoridated water.

If Dr. Indra Quagliata notices early signs of tooth enamel demineralization during your dental exam, she might suggest a simple fluoride treatment. This can often be done at the end of the appointment to conveniently bolster the mineral strength of your teeth.

If there are further concerns about the strength of your teeth, our doctor might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements. This can help compensate for the lack of fluoridated water in your daily life.

Most fluoride supplements call for you to apply them to your teeth right before going to sleep or at a time when you can abstain from eating or drinking anything for at least an hour.

If you live in the Rochester, New York, region and you don’t have ready access to fluoridated water, you should call 585-475-0140 to schedule a dental checkup at IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.