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Improve your jawline with dental implants. Dental implants are tooth replacement therapies that are designed to mimic the natural look and function of normal teeth. Although they are artificial replacements, it can often be extremely difficult to tell the difference as they can be customized, shaped and colored to match your other teeth.

Dental implants are designed to fit in any spaces where missing teeth have left voids. Sadly, if the gaps left by missing teeth are not filled, they can become home to plaque, food residue, and other harmful materials to your teeth and gums. Not only that but teeth help to hold your gums in place. Missing teeth can destabilize the gums and potentially cause other nearby teeth to slide or move around.

In addition, your jawbone can weaken and deteriorate over time if it does not have the support of teeth. Dental implants repair that ailment by directly installing into the jawbone for a durable hold that strengthens both the bone and the implant’s hold. With the proper care and avoidance of many of the same potential risks and hazards associated with regular teeth, dental implants can last a lifetime of use.

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