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Do you know what the roles of a temporomandibular joint are? Did you know that they are extremely crucial for a variety of functions in your mouth and face? However, due to the complex nature of the joints, also called TMJs, they can be easily damaged and lead to oral failure. Damaged TMJs are known as TMDs, also called temporomandibular joint disorders. If damaged, it can result hinder mouth functions and pain arising in locations all over your head, neck, and facial areas.

The TMJs are complex joints that require numerous working parts, including connective tissues, ligaments, bone, and muscles all working together to form a high-functioning mechanism designed to make your mouth work. If one part of the operation breaks down, the whole system will suffer, resulting in a TMJ disorder.

Oftentimes, you can diminish or eliminate pain from TMJ disorders with heat packs. If your TMJs have inflammation, ice packs are a better option. Alternative pain relieving options include calming music, yoga, biofeedback, and meditation. If you start to show any signs of a TMJ disorder or if you have any jaw pain, avoid foods and habits that could make the condition worse.

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