Dental Sealants Can Help Preserve Your Molars and Premolars

The grooves in surfaces of the molars and premolars help with chewing and grinding food. Sometimes these areas can be difficult to clean by simply brushing your teeth twice each day. If plaque and bacterial deposits start to collect in those areas, it can start to foster the formation of cavities. Your routine dental checkups… Read more »

Oral Trauma Might Require First-Aid and Emergency Treatment

An accidental fall in the home or athletic accident can sometimes impact the face and mouth. In some cases of severe oral trauma, you might need to apply some basic oral first-aid while seeking emergency treatment from a dental professional, such as our . If your mouth is bleeding, or if there is debris left… Read more »

A Key to Oral Health Success: Gum Disease Treatments

A highly common, yet potentially serious disease that can drastically hinder your oral health is known as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also commonly known as gum disease, is the result of infections within the tissues in a person’s mouth, which are frequently referred to as your gums. In order to properly treat gum disease, it… Read more »

Answer Your Questions on Dentures

If you need a tooth replacement, visit your dentist for an oral health examination to determine which tooth restoration options are best for you. For instance, one highly effective tooth replacement system is dentures.  They can be crafted for as little as one tooth as partial dentures or can be used to replace entire rows… Read more »

A Premolar with a Chipped Biting Surface Might Need an Inlay Dental Filling

If you have a bad habit of using your teeth as improvised tools, or crunching on ice, you could be putting the biting surfaces of your back teeth at risk of a dental fracture. At the same time, individuals who grind their teeth on a nightly basis also have an increased chance of suffering a… Read more »

Fluoride Supplements Might Help Protect Your Teeth From Cavities

The mineral density of your tooth enamel plays an important role in preventing cavities, while also giving your teeth the strength to bite off and efficiently process the foods you eat for safe swallowing. Sometimes even the most diligent and consistent oral hygiene routine simply isn’t sufficient for preventing mild demineralization from occurring with your… Read more »

Achieve a White Smile Instantaneously With Dental Veneers

There is no shortage of options for teeth whitening, but one that most people overlook is the use of dental veneers. No matter stained or discolored your teeth are, veneers from can be an excellent way to achieve a white and glowing smile. Let’s look in depth at how Dr. , our skilled dentist, can… Read more »

A Positive Oral Health Care Outlook with Cavity Prevention

For many people, the end of the year is often the most wonderful time of year. However, with all the blessings and joys that come our way, so too can numerous risks and hazards that can damage your smile. Cavities are often extremely common this time of year, considering the risks for excessive sugar consumption… Read more »

Taming that Sweet Tooth with Sugarless Gum

Everyone gets a sweet tooth now and then. You may suddenly get a craving for ice cream, or the candy bar in the office vending machine keeps calling your name. To maintain healthy teeth and a healthy mouth, you should limit your intake of sweets, but, what do you do with that craving? A good… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Teeth for Halloween

It is important to make sure you’re protecting your smile this Halloween season from any forms of dental damage that may arise. You can begin by implementing optimum oral health habits including brushing twice daily and flossing once every day as well. Furthermore, exercise caution with the sweets and treats that you consume. Here is… Read more »