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Do you know what oral cancer is and how to spit it? Oral cancer is a very serious oral health illness that can lead to severe health problems, including death. Oral cancer can strike at any age and health level, so it is vital no matter what condition your oral health is, to always schedule regular oral cancer screenings to check for the illness.

In the USA, nearly 45,000 cases per year are found through oral cancer screenings, giving rise to the need for all people to constantly check their oral health. When looking for visual clues, take notice of any irregular bumps or lumps in your face, or lesions, cuts, and wounds that do not easily heal or persist two weeks or longer.

If you experience a constant sore throat, struggle with eating, chewing, or speaking, have lost a large amount of weight for no reason, or constantly have the feeling like something is stuck in the back of your throat, it may be in your best interest to get examined with an oral cancer screening. Protecting yourself depends upon acting quickly to treat the disease as soon as possible, so don’t delay in having your cancer screening today!

If you think you are in need of an oral cancer screening from our team at IQ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, simply book an appointment at our dentist office in Rochester, New York, by calling us at 585-475-0140. Dr. Indra Quagliata and the rest of our team would be glad to take care of any oral health care needs you may have.