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One key to your oral health is damage prevention. Although there are many treatments out there for a variety of oral health ailments, it’s best to deal with any challenging situations before they even begin. However, in many cases, damage to our teeth and gums is done very quickly, so you must protect your mouth from any harm that could come your way.

We understand that every moment of your life isn’t a constant war to save pearly whites from harm or oral health disasters, but there are plenty of risks around that can put them in danger. Protecting your teeth often requires more than just brushing and flossing every day.
One thing to keep in mind is damage prevention. This includes eliminating any habits that put your teeth at risk. The most obvious offenders include hard drugs, smoking, and chewing tobacco. These habits are dangerous. Not only can these habits ruin your smile, but they can destroy your physical health and claim your life. Also, if you are actively involved in contact sports or other high-risk activities, be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear to protect your mouth at all times.

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